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Every Wednesday afternoon the club’s very generous members volunteer their time and their yachts to take the public out sunset sailing.

[Minimum age is 14 years.]

When you arrive at the club 3:30pm, please write your name and sign the WAGS disclaimer and make yourself comfortable. This is a waiver for insurance purposes – it is not a list that crew are chosen by.


The skippers will arrive at the club between 4 and 5pm and choose their own “crew” by personally asking you to join them on their private yacht for a sail. You need to stay in the club in order to be personally selected by the skipper.

If you are asked to go sailing, the yachts generally depart around 4.30 pm and return to the club for dinner and drinks at around 6.30 pm.

Availability fluctuates due to the many variables involved, including the availability of yachts, skippers and crew, not to mention the weather.


When a strong wind warning is issued by the Bureau of Meteorology for Cairns Coastal Waters, then for safety reasons WAGS sunset sailing is restricted to Dickson Inlet and Packers Creek, or the event may be cancelled entirely at the discretion of participating skippers. We do our very best to cater for everyone but people regularly miss out and for those people we ask for your understanding as it is a voluntary exercise after all.


Although WAGS is a free activity, it is an expectation that all people who get chosen to go sailing stay for dinner and drinks at the club post the sailing activity.


WAGS is a very important part of the club’s viability and it’s for this reason that all food and beverage consumed at the club must be purchased at the club.

WAGS is a club organised sailing activity and all skippers are required to comply with the WAGS supplementary sailing instructions


Places are only allocated by the skippers to visitors present at the club on Wednesday night from 4.00 pm and cannot be booked in advance.

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