Port Douglas Yacht Club J24


PDYC owns and operates two J24 sailing boats, solely for the benefit of members. These boats are managed by PDYC Sailing Committee. Members can sail a J24 in the capacity as either skipper or crew in accordance with PDYC Safety Management Plan and the J24 Sailing Fleet Rules.



1.0 Skipper

1.1 The skipper must be a financial member of PDYC.

1.2 The skipper must be an approved J24 skipper, approved by PDYC Sailing Committee.

1.3 The skipper shall be the person named as the skipper in the ships log each time the boat is used.


2.0 Crew

2.1 During any period of use any person boarding the boat other than the skipper named in the ships log for that period of use does so at the invitation of that skipper.

2.2 A maximum of five persons is permitted to sail at any one time.


3.0 General Conditions

3.1 A ships log is kept that must record the name of the skipper prior to use of the boat.

3.2 The skipper is responsible for the proper use of the boat and the safety of those onboard.

3.3 The skipper shall be able to properly and safely control the boat in the conditions expected over the duration of its use.

3.4  The skipper must agree to comply with the policies, rules, regulations, conventions or statutory requirements imposed on the activity of sailing and the use of a J24.

3.5 Any defect or damage must be reported to PDYC and recorded in the ships log.

3.6 The skipper may be held liable for any damage or loss caused during their use.

3.7 Any dispute about use of a J24 shall be resolved by the sailing committee and that decision shall be binding and without appeal.

4.0 Private Use

4.1 The boat may be booked in advance except that private bookings are excluded on days of club organised sailing events listed in the Club Sailing Programme.

4.2  The boat must not be used if a BOM issued strong wind warning is current for the area to be sailed.

4.3  A donation to the J24 Maintenance fund of $30 for less than four hours use and $60 for greater than four hours use is requested.

4.4 Private use is only permitted during daylight hours.

5.0 Club Organised Sailing Events

5.1 A J24 may be used to participate in club organised sailing events in accordance with this policy except that Part 4 shall not apply.

J24 Sailing Fleet Rules